So you’ve spent a lot of time and money on creating a new website, tweaking and making sure your SEO is on point, but what good is that site if it is not available when someone goes to view it?  Sometimes the website may go offline because the hosting provider is having issues, or worse your domain has expired. If you are looking to monitor the website’s availability, Uptime Robot is one of the best tools to monitor a website. Best thing is that it is free!

* Note: We are not being paid or commercially being paid for the review, we just find this tool extremely useful for anyone who manages a website 🙂

Monitor your Website Using Uptime Robot:

To monitor your website, one needs to create the free account. Go to Uptime Robot website, and create a new account.

Once the account created, login to your dashboard, Your dashboard will look like the one below:

Website Uptime

Next you need to add a monitor. These are what you tell Uptime to check for on your site. There are different options available to choose from:

  • HTTP monitor – This just checks to see if the site is up, via a URL
  • Keyword – This can search for a unique word on your website page to see that the page is actually loading properly. This is by far our favorite, as it will verify that the site is up
  • Ping – This will ping the website address to see that it is up – Probably the lest reliable as just because an IP address is responding doesn’t always mean that the website is up
  • Port – You can have it resolve a port that should be responding on a servers. Uses for this could be mail, or a special web server running on a non-standard port.

Click Add New Monitor on the top left corner. Enter Monitor types, Name, website URL, Monitoring Interval, also choose the alert contacts to notify the website’s status. By default, the notification will be sent to the email address which you have used while creating the new account.

Website Uptime

You can add additional contacts in the My Settings page. Also, you can change the monitoring interval by adjusting the Monitoring Interval option

Website Uptime

uptime dashboard

Once these done, your website will be monitored for every 5 minutes. 

You can also pause, edit, delete and reset stats of each monitoring website from dashboard. To change them, click the gear button (settings) next to each website, and choose the operation that you need to perform. 

Thats it! Pretty simple and very easy way to tell if your site is working.
* Note: this will not improve your SEO or help you gain more customers, but it will allow you to see how well your hosting company is doing as far as uptime is concerned, and if needed, adjust accordingly.