Maximize Uptime and Availability with Zion IT Managed Services

Total IT Services For Small to Midsized Businesses in Phoenix

Zion IT will manage and support your entire IT network, including desktops, servers, WIFI, printers, network and more. Our Managed IT Service is an easy, cost-effective solution with unlimited support and monthly on-site visits to keep your business working smoothly.

Zion IT Managed Services and Computer repair

Are you prepared for downtime?

Are you paying for IT support every time you have a problem? The longer your IT problems last, the more it costs? Your current IT support takes too long to fix the problem? You can’t budget on what your IT support will cost?

Zion ITs’ Managed Services proactively helps you to protect your systems, minimize data loss and keep your business up and running by:

■   Monitoring the status of your IT
■   Building a clear picture of your systems
■   Analyzing risks
■   Producing regular reports
■   Highlighting potential issues
■   Providing back up services
■   Minimizing downtime
■   Providing support to keep you up and running


Zion IT Managed Services Features

Remote Monitoring

We use a state of the art web based IT monitoring system that constantly feeds IT health and performance information back to us so we can proactively keep your systems running.

Proactive Support

When our monitoring system detects a potential IT issue we are instantly alerted and can provide proactive support to address the issue before it affects your business.

Remote Desktop Control

Fast and secure access to your managed IT systems allows us to instantly respond to IT issues or provide an interactive user support or training session “on demand”.


Security and Anti Virus

We automatically detect missing security patches or failed anti virus systems, and update as needed. And if your system is infected, we can clean it up quickly and get you back to normal.

Backup Monitoring

Our monitoring systems will ensure your important business data is being successful backed up as expected. Daily email alerts can be sent to indicate the success or failure of the backups.

Application Support

We can assist and work with all your business applications to help resolve issues, upgrades and support. No more dealing with frustrating 3rd party phone support!


  • 24/7 health check
  • Identifies issues early on
  • Keeps your business running
  • Automatic patches and updates
  • Improves PC performance
  • Helps you work smarter
  • Combines monitoring and maintenance
  • Helpdesk support
  • Reduces downtime



We will monitor, fix and analyze your IT systems. 24/7.

Zion Managed Service consists of three separate services that can be built up over time to give your critical IT systems full protection and support.


Getting started is quick and easy. Call us when your ready to take the stress off of your IT and have ease of mind. We will discuss with to you the options and whats best for your business. Give your IT infrastructure the service it deserves, all at an affordable price per workstation/server. To find out how, contact us today.